Tranning Course

1) The Special Course (
How to clone/hack the android games and apps in google play stores and upload to your google play store account )

Time : about 5-7 days 
Guarantee : After the course , I am sure that We will can clone many many games/apps if not I will return your money with double.


+ Android Programming Basic Concept
+ How to pick the game on google play store (which can be hack/clone)
+ Tools for hacking / clone
+ How to change assets of game .
+ How to change the game name.
+ How to change social networks
+ How to add ad networks of yourself
+ How to reupload to your google store account

You can be to owner of the android games / apps for now

Register a course for now: 
***Learning Online
 + Send a mail to with subject is [Register A Special Android Course Online]
 + Proceed the payment to (Paypal account)
 + After you finish the payment , we will schedule the tranning plan via Skype or Google Hangout to teach you online in 3-5 days depend on you.

***Learning Offline
+ Plan To hold a Training Course offline in 9/2014 in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam . If the learners >= 20 people .
 + Send a mail to with subject is [Register A Special Android Course Offline]
+ Waiting for my confirm to proceed the payment . If the learners are not >= 20 . We will turn to online case.

Bonus : Transfer all useful tools , and guide you how to use it.

Happy Cloning:)

Note : It is NOT intended for piracy and other non-legal uses.